Fighting For Our Lives Reprinted, Summer Plans Unveiled, Website Redesign


A year and a half after we ran out of the first 250,000 of our introductory anarchist paper Fighting For Our Lives, we’ve finally borrowed enough money to print another 100,000 copies. As before, quixotic as it may be, we’re making this available to the public at large free in any quantity. Please be judicious in deciding how many to order, so there will be enough to go around, at least for a little while–but please do order copies and spread them throughout your community! These are perfect for giving out outside Michael Moore’s new documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, at the upcoming protests at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, at the public library, anywhere people are hungry for freedom and looking for a direction to set out after it.

As before, this project is costing us a lot of money. In a capitalist economy, what happens is determined by the dictates of the ruthless “free market”; in an anarchist economy, what happens is dictated by desire alone; unfortunately, even at our best, we exist somewhere between the two, so in order to help us make this project free for those without resources we humbly ask that those with them, who feel it is worthwhile, take the trouble to make a donation.

It’s also time to announce our plans for the summer. Several tours associated with the CrimethInc. global underground will be taking place through July and early August; one of these, the Total Liberation Tour, featuring speakers, hardcore and hip hop acts, and an emphasis on animal rights and direct action, will cross the entire United States between July 7 and 25. Immediately following that, from July 26 to 29, the Democratic National Convention will take place in Boston, Massachusetts. This will be followed by two convergences to which CrimethInc. agents and functionaries are invited. The first is the North American Anarchist Convergence in Athens, Ohio, from August 12 to 15; all who attend are encouraged to bring a brief performance piece to share at a surprise entertainment event being planned in secret at this very moment. The second will be in Des Moines, Iowa from August 20 to 26, as announced earlier on this site. Shortly thereafter, the political party that currently purports to rule the world will gather for the Republican National Convention in New York City, from August 30 to September 4.

We propose that radicals from the east coast gather in Athens, then proceed to the city to get familiar with it, while folks from the west coast and midwest gather at the Des Moines convergence, and travel east from there. Whatever happens, it’s going to make—or break—history. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this.

As many of you have surely noticed, there has been a complete redesign of this website. Hopefully you will find it easier to navigate, locate specific information more directly, and finally be able to link to specific pages within the site (no more frames!). The page sizes have all been reduced to facilitate faster loading on slow connections, and the format has been changed so as to display well on both small and large monitors. If you’d like, please leave some feedback here, and feel free to point out any broken pages or links—there will surely be some as every single page on the site has been reworked. Thanks, and I hope y’all like it.