Give Us All Your Money


Or, Better, Someone Else’s


We’ve set up a new donation page, and we’re hoping you can help us raise the funds we need to maintain this site, our podcast, and the next projects we have lined up. We just finished our last major undertaking, distributing hundreds of thousands of copies of our introduction to anarchism, To Change Everything. We have several more ambitious efforts on the way, if we can get all the pieces in place to publish them. We rarely ask for financial assistance—so you know it counts when we do.

Contribute to sustain our efforts.

CrimethInc. is an all-volunteer project with no outside sources of funding. We don’t receive grants, we don’t rely on sponsors, we don’t try to turn a profit. We offer everything we do for free or at break-even prices while maintaining the highest quality standards in our field. Even our adversaries acknowledge the merit of our efforts. Working with a global network of contributors, we publish constantly, circulating material in over 30 languages on all seven continents. We’ve kept this up for a quarter of a century, and we aim to keep at it for another century or more.

We do all this on a shoestring budget—but despite our ingenuity, some expenses are unavoidable. We depend on your assistance to cover those. No amount is too big to be needed or too small to be helpful! If you can, sign up to donate on a monthly basis, so we can count on you to sustain us for the long haul.

If you can’t contribute financially, there are lots of other things you could do to help. Contact us at if you’d like to volunteer in any capacity!

As always, of course, the very best way to support what we are doing is to do it yourself.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing support over the years, which has enabled us to do so much together. We remain undaunted, determined to abolish all the forms of imposed scarcity that make it necessary to raise money in the first place. For a world without capitalism—or fundraising!

PS: A Few More Requests from the Hotwire

Our comrades who do the Hotwire podcast are looking for your help to get it regularly broadcast on traditional radio stations. Every episode is radio ready, conforming to FCC regulations. If need be, they can deliver a version of each episode that is exactly 29 minutes long. You can reach them at

They would also welcome the assistance of an intern who could reach out to stations around the country to run their show. Finally, they are still looking for the following resources:

  • Software for capturing screen audio, transcribing, or improving post-production audio quality.
  • External hard drives and usb-sticks
  • A rack-fitting audio compressor
  • A rack-fitting frequency equalizer
  • Gift certificates or store credit to B&H, Sweetwater, or other pro-audio online retailers
  • A computer, used or new, laptop or desktop!

Thanks again so much, everyone!